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Cloud server, the fastest SAS / SSD archive at the best Data Center!


180.000 đ/Tháng Mua ngay
  • 1 2 Core
  • 15 GB 25 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 512 MB + 512 MB 1,5 GB + 512 MB RAM Free (*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • 648.000 đ /03 tháng
  • 1.188.000đ /06 tháng
  • 2.160.000đ /12 tháng
  • 3.456.000đ /24 tháng


485.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 4 Core
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 1.746.000đ /03 tháng
  • 3.201.000đ /06 tháng
  • 5.820.000đ /12 tháng
  • 9.312.000đ /24 tháng


699.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 2 5 Core
  • 80 90 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 2 GB 3 GB + 1 GB RAM Free(*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 2.516.400đ /03 tháng
  • 4.613.400đ /06 tháng
  • 8.388.000đ /12 tháng
  • 13.420.800đ /24 tháng


460.000đ/tháng Regularly 919.000đ Mua ngay
  • 3 5 Core
  • 120 GB HDD
  • 3 GB 4 GB + 1GB RAM Free(*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 3.308.400đ /03 tháng
  • 6.065.400đ /06 tháng
  • 11.028.000đ /12 tháng
  • 17.644.800đ /24 tháng


919.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 4 5 Core
  • 120 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 3 Gb 4 GB + 1 GB RAM Free(*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 3.308.400đ /03 tháng
  • 6.065.400đ /06 tháng
  • 11.028.000đ /12 tháng
  • 17.644.800đ /24 tháng


1.199.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 4 6 Core
  • 150 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 4 Gb 5 GB + 1 GB RAM Free(*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 4.316.400đ /03 tháng
  • 7.913.400đ /06 tháng
  • 14.388.000đ /12 tháng
  • 23.020.800đ /24 tháng


1.690.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 6 8 Core
  • 200 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 6 GB 6 GB + 2GB RAM Free (*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Tặng gói Positive SSL (*)
  • 6.084.000đ /03 tháng
  • 11.154.000đ /06 tháng
  • 20.280.000đ /12 tháng
  • 32.448.000đ /24 tháng


2.190.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 8 10 Core
  • 250 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 6 GB 8 GB + 2GB RAM Free (*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • <Free Directadmin (Linux)
  • 7.884.000đ /03 tháng
  • 14.454.000đ /06 tháng
  • 26.280.000đ /12 tháng
  • 42.048.000đ /24 tháng


3.190.000đ/tháng Mua ngay
  • 10 16 Core
  • 300 GB 400 GB SAS/SSD HDD
  • 8 GB 14GB + 2GB RAM Free (*)
  • 1 IP
  • Unlimited Băng thông
  • Free Directadmin (Linux)
  • 11.484.000đ /03 tháng
  • 21.054.000đ /06 tháng
  • 38.280.000đ /12 tháng
  • 61.248.000đ /24 tháng

(*): RAM FREE, Free Directadmin (Linux) and Free Positive SSL package when registering for services 1 year or more.

Additional services

Add 10 GB HDD150.000 VND
Add 1GB RAM150.000 VND
Add 1 IP100.000 VND
Add 1 port network300.000 VND
OS Reload/ Additional settingsFirst time free
Administrative services500.000 VND/month
Add 1 Core200.000 VND/month
Other support
Data CenterBest VN: Viettel
Cloud TechnologyVirtuozzo (Parallels Cloud Server)
Network socket from Switch to Backbone1 Gbps
Archive technology to ensure the highest safetyVirtuozzo Cloud Storage (SSD caching, multiple replicas)
Domestic transmission line1000mbps
International transmission line10 Mbps
Servers cloudSupermicro/DELL
Number of domainsUnlimited
Full server Administrator PrivilegesObtain
Technical support by phone/email/chat24/24
Launch servers24/24

Includes other support

  • Cloud Technology Virtuozzo (Parallels Cloud Server)
  • Network socket from Switch to Backbone 1 Gbps
  • Archive technology to ensure the highest safety
  • Virtuozzo Cloud Storage (SSD caching, multiple replicas)
  • Domestic transmission line 1Gbps
  • International transmission line 10 Mbps
  • Servers cloud DELL
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Firewall
  • Full server Administrator Privileges
  • Technical support by phone/email/chat 24/24
  • Troubleshoot 24/24
  • Launch servers 24/24

Compare eCloud VPS/eCloud Server with other services

Server vật lýVPSeCloudVPS
Availability (Convert CPU, RAM, HDD resources… instantaneous)XX
Diverse operating systems (optionally CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server …)
Recurring Backup (Backup data, Snapshot Cloud Server…)XX
High availability (ability to switch to self-switching when server is corrupt)XX
Safety and security (firewall setup, patch updates…)
Increased system performance (Load balancer setup, CDN, RAID Storage…)XX
High-speed bandwidth connection
Run simultaneously on multiple serversXX

More about eCloud VPS

eCloud Server: is cloud computing, works on various physical servers. So, eCloud Server makes it possible to access unlimited resource supplies(HDD, RAM, CPU, NETWORK),while for traditional hosting environments these resources are often limited to a single physical Server. eCloud Server costs are determined by the number of resources selected(CPU, RAM, HDD)

With the remarkable features of the Virtuozzo Cloud computing Technology (the company’s famous Parallels), eCloud VPS (eCloud Server) of ESC will renetwork the real benefits compared to other cloud models (

The advantage of eCloud Server is the flexibility of adjusting RAM configuration, CPU and adding HDD almost instantaneously, which makes VPS server upgrades simpler and easier. At the same time eCloud guarantees high availability, high speed, easy upgrades, control and incident prevention, easy administration. eCloud Server runs on the most powerful hardware platfrom and largest SAS/SSD storage Infrastructure system in Vietnam is guaranteed to bo the most stable and the strongest in the market

·     Convenient use: Register and use Online services. Only 15 minutes after registration is possible to be usable immediately.

·     Fast Server Configuration Increase/Decrease: The server’s configuration reduction is done instantaneously.

·     Periodic data backup: System backups when performing a task will back up the VM as “snapshot” system to help ensure the data and system configuration status.

·     Multiple templats meet the needs: The system supports many different operating systems such as CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, Windows…

·     High-quality Internet connection: Large capacity domestic and international Internet connection, at IDC the largest has direct Internet connection to all major ISPS in the country and in the world.

·     High availability: The eCloud VPS Service has the mechanism to track the status of servers in “Cloud” and automatically translate Server resources between eCloud’s physical servers when one of these physical Server crashes (hard disk failure, damaged network card,…). Thanks to this feature, Cloud Computing is always at a very high level of service availability.

·     High safety and security: using high-end security devices along with a firewall control system helps to completely separate eCloud with the outside to prevent unauthorized access.

·     Remotely access eCloud VPS: Every eCVPS on the system provides remote access services to system administrators.

·     24/7/365 Technical support with professional technical team.

  • ·     Cores: On Demand·     HDD: On Demand

    ·     RAM: On Demand

    ·     Server at: Viettel, IDC Hoang Hoa Tham.

    ·     IP: 1 free IP and allow flexible changes as needed. Can use multiple IPS simultaneously

    ·     Number of domains: unrestricted

    ·     Operating system: All operating systems on request

    ·     Install more apps: free on Demand

    ·     Storage: On the Cloud platform and automatic loading on multiple physical servers, not RAID technology on 1 server as conventional VPS

    ·     Domestic port: 1Gbps

    ·     International Gates: 10Mpbs

    ·     24/7/365 Technical support with professional technical team, including startup and support error handling in eCVPS (with the condition of reprovisioning password for processing).

3CX – Your radio station, your way: In the cloud, anytime, anywhere!

3CX is the IP-based radio, according to open standards. 3CX offers a complete unified communications method, which can be used immediately after installation.

3CX makes it easy to install, manage, and maintain the total station you can manage yourself without any effort, whether on the device, on the server or in your cloud account.

In addition to saving the big cost,your business also enjoys the following benefits:
Tự cài đặt & quản lýManually Install & ManagementCắt giảm chi phí liên lạc & điện thoạiCut communication Costs & PhonePhương thức liên lạc hợp nhất: Sự hiện diện, trò chuyệnUnified Communications Method: Presence, chatKhông bỏ lỡ dù 1 cuộc gọi với ứng dụng trên Android & iOSDo not miss though 1 call with the app on Android & iOS
Hội thảo web WebRTCWeb Conferencing


Tích hợp Click2Call & CRMIntegrated Click2Call


Tại cơ sở: Thiết bị hoặc máy chủ VMAt the base:

Device or VM server

Đám mây của bạn: Google, Amazon hoặc OVH Your cloud:

Google, Amazon or OVH

3CX: The future of communication technology is shown today

Find out how 3CX can meet your daily communication needs. From receiving calls while out of the office, increasing employee productivity to live meetings and more. This Video shows you some key features and benefits of 3CX and shows how easy it is to use the system.

eDoc is a professional online job management software (Document Management System DMS).

The system is built to manage the writing (incoming, outgoing), document documents, management of work, operating between the cold and staff.

The eDoc software is suitable for all business models and state agencies, in which businesses have regular members working remotely.

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