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Principle of implementation:

– Principles of changing domain owners (refer to Point 6, Article 10 of Circular No. 24/2015 / TT-BTTTT ), cases where permission to change the subject name are allowed:

  • Agencies, organizations and enterprises change their names to new names under decisions of competent authorities
  • Individuals changing their names and names under decisions of competent state agencies.

– Cases where subjects’ names cannot be renamed:

  • The domain name is in the process of dispute resolution
  • The expired domain
  • The domain is handling the violation
  • The domain is in a pending state of Registrar registration;
  • The domain is in a pending state of revocation.

Steps to follow:

NoSteps to takeResponsibilityDescribeDocuments / Forms
First    Profile completionSubject 

-Step1: Subjects to complete the dossier include:

+ Declaration of subject name change

+ Agencies, organizations and individuals must produce originals or submit with certified true copies of decisions to change names of agencies, organizations, enterprises, decisions to change full of individuals, depending on submission method.

– Step 2: ESC checks the file and sends it to VNNIC for approval.

– Step 3: VNNIC changes subject and announces the result to ESC.

– Step 4: ESC informs the subject and the subject can check the results on the website

The declaration of subject name change
2.Send resume to ESCSubjectThe holder of the ESC file.
3.Receiving records of changing subjectNĐK; VNNIC.– ESC sends the original file to VNNIC for approval.
– For the domain under “”, the domain is being protected, within 1 working day, ESC is responsible for transferring the dossier to VNNIC to consider and decide.
4.Document review and approvalVNNIC (Trade Cooperation Group)VNNIC conducts the document review for classification: Valid records, records with insufficient grounds, invalid dossiers.
5.VNNIC notifies ESC of the document review result VNNIC (Trade Cooperation Group);– ESC

VNNIC reviews documents and announces the results for investors to implement:

(1) In case of “valid dossier”: 1 / An application for changing name of domain name holder with certification of domain name holder (refer to form BM-QLTN-QT-04-01 for individuals, form BM-QLTN-QT-04-02 for organizations; 2 / ID card of the representative or authorized to change information (notarized copy, or notarized copy) 3 / Decision to change the name of agency, organization, enterprise, decision to change full name for individual (original or notarized copy).

(2) In case of “application file is not sufficient grounds”:

– Lack of one of the information of a valid set of documents mentioned above: VNNIC requires investors to contact the subject to supplement the file. Based on these grounds, VNNIC continues to step 6 of the process or case of refusal, stating the reason.

(3) In case of invalid dossier: A dossier does not meet the criteria of a valid dossier set. VNNIC notifies ESC to ESC to notify subject and state reasons for refusal.

6. Make subject name changesVNNIC (Trade Cooperation Group)VNNIC assigns the contact of the new subject to the domain name and announces the result to ESC.
7. Investors check the results and notify the domain nameESC– Check VNNIC results through your domain name lookup channel.- Within 03 working days, ESC will notify to the subject of the result of signing dossier.
8. You can check the information about the new entity name of your domain nameSubjectAfter ESC announces the results of renaming subjects of domain names, subjects check their results on WHOIS.NET.VN page


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